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Updated and Approved February 21, 2023

The City of Pompano Beach established a defined benefit pension plan to provide eligible employees with retirement and related benefits.

This Summary Plan Description is a brief description of that Plan and your rights, obligations, and benefits under it. This Summary Plan Description is not meant to interpret, extend, or change the provisions of the Plan in any way. The provisions of the Plan may only be determined accurately by reading the actual Plan document.

A copy of the Plan is on file at the Pension office and may be read by you, your beneficiaries, or your legal representatives at any reasonable time. It is also located on our website,, for 24 hour viewing. If you have any questions regarding either the Plan or this Summary Plan Description, you should ask your Plan’s Administrator. In the event of any discrepancy between this Summary Plan Description and the actual provisions of the Plan, the Plan shall govern.

At the end of this Summary Plan Description you will find pertinent actuarial and financial information specific to October 1, 2022.


The Board of Trustees of the
Pompano Beach Police &
Firefighters’ Retirement System

The Plan: Summary Plan Description