Invalidation of Pre-Divorce Spousal Designations – October 19, 2012

On July 1st, 2012, a new Florida law (section 732.703) took effect that, in most cases, invalidates the designation of a spouse as a beneficiary following a divorce. For example, if, while you were married, you designated your spouse as your beneficiary, that designation will most likely be automatically invalidated following a divorce from that spouse. This would apply whether you are an active employee or retired. However, there are two ways to maintain your ex- spouse as your beneficiary following a divorce, should you desire to do so. They are:

1. There is a court order requiring you to keep your ex-spouse as your joint annuitant or beneficiary. This should be clearly stated in your final divorce agreement, as accepted by the court granting the divorce.

2. Following the effective date of your divorce, you may file a new designation with the Retirement System naming your ex-spouse as your beneficiary. Any such designation of a former spouse that occurs after the date of divorce will be valid.

In any event, we recommend that you notify the Retirement System staff (phone: 954-782-4161) before you finalize any divorce agreement so that your benefit and beneficiary options can be properly reviewed with you. Then, following the divorce, you should again review your beneficiary designation to determine if you need to submit a change.

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